In The Kitchen With Sweet Mama Janisse


Marie Janisse and 
Taj Mahal 
(Famous Blues Artist) 
Best Food Best Cafe  
Says Taj and that is why he wrote the song
Expounding her great Cooking skills

"Sweet Mama Janisse"



 The magic of Sweet Mama Janisse

The magic of Sweet Mama Janisse has touched many aspects of the food world.

Her sauces have been number one in Humboldt County from 2006 through 2012.

Winning a total of 30 gold medals over these years.

Her restaurant Bless My Soul Café opened in 2002. Proudly serving California Creole cuisine, a creation of her own. Offering the best Texas style Barbeque.

Marie AKA Sweet Mama Janisse has catered the best of Creole cuisine. also known as soul food to the dignitaries of Los Angeles as well as the Talent, Crews and Stars of the Hollywood’s Music and Motion Picture industries since1978 

           These gold medals winning sauces, “Soul Q Sauce”- “Mint To Love Sauce” - Soy Gin Sauce – “Chili Pepper Paste” and “Sticky Love Sauce” (a worldwide mustard competition winning mustard)

Reflects her talent creating incredible recipes and fabulous Southern Style Cooking. 

            She also features many unique culinary creations in her catering opportunities, as well as in the restaurant. Serving a flavorful Hot Sauce at the dining tables and the gold medal “Topanga Green” salad dressing.